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Mom's On Mission (M.O.M)
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Help for Cancer Patients

If you have visited my page Remember November  then you will be able to understand why there is a special place in my heart not only for babies, but for people of all ages who are under going treatment for cancer.
I not only know what it's like to loose a child, but I also know what it's like to be a cancer patient.  Both are very heartbreaking experiences.  And both are a time in a person's life when they need that little extra support, that little thing to let them know they are not alone, the knowledge that someone somewhere does care.
I spent my Sr. year of Highschool as an active member of my local chapter of The American Cancer Society, helping to organize fund raisers to fund their help for patients.  I am currently, regrowing my hair so that I can cut it off again and donate it to Locks of Love, to give a child a "Real" hair piece, and a member of Chemo Angels.  Often I can be found on the American Cancer Society website in their Survivor's chat where people like me talk with those who are undergoing treatment.
There are many, many charities that work to help those with cancer.  If you would like to help, or just brighten someone's day, then please visit the links below.  Consider making some of the items found on the pages and donating them.  If you are a patient, there are things on this site for you too.  Whether you want to make your own head coverings, want to become an "Angel's" buddy, or want information about your cancer or your treatment.
God has given me a second chance at life, and I'd like to think that I took that second chance, made the best of it, and helped to make this world a better place.


Charaties and Support Groups:

Locks of Love

Chemo Angels

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

American Institute For Cancer Research (A.I.C.R)

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Breast Cancer.Org

Lids for Kids (make some of the items on this page, and send them to the addresses on this site)

Project Linus (accepting blankets and quilts for terminally ill kids)

Hugs And Hope (great charity to get your "artistic" kids involved in as well as yourself)

Online Angels (sends handmade items to those who are going through a traumatic time..all ages)

Crochet Friends Charity

Kids 'n Kamp


Pattern Links:

Pattern Abbreviations: S=sew, K=knit, C=crochet

Broviac Top (Also nice for patients with groshong lines. This is shown in a childs size, but is easily adaptable to ANY size.)S

Easy Turban (3 sizes)(S)

Easy Beret (good for beginners)(S)

Headband (great to go under hats, scarves or me)(S)

4 in 1 cap (S)

Cap (sizes Child medium-Adult medium)(K,C)

Floppy Brim Hat (C)

Mushroom Cap (really nice for teens and young adults) (C)

Roll Brim Hat (C)

Hooded Scarf (2 sizes, child and adult) (C)


Patterns 4 Kids and Teens:

"Mini" Bandanna (kids pattern)(S)

Ski Cap (child's pattern)(K)

Kool Hat (Kids hat pattern...3 sizes)(K)

Sailor Hat (toddler-young child) (K)

Watch Cap (2 sizes) (K,C)

Fancy Fur Chemo Cap (teens would get a kick out of so "fun")(K,C)

Fun Scarf (another "fun" teen pattern)(K)

Hat and scarf set (nice for teen or young adult)(K)

Floppy Brim Hat (C)

Mushroom Cap (child's version of adult hat) (C)


Gift Ideas for Patients:

Treatment Cuddle Pillow (S)

Hug me Teddy (S)

Doll Pattern (this would be great for a gift, attach non toxic permanant markers, or fabric washable makers with this doll. With washable markers, the child can decorate their "buddy" whenever they wish)(S)

Decorative Journal (This pattern is for a travel journal, but can easily become a "treatment journal". Often, journaling is very theraputic for a patient. It's a way to cope, to express fears,etc.)(S)

Tassel Dolls (these would be cute even without hair, dressed in a little outfit and hat)

Teddy Bear (C)

Tiny Teddy (absolutely adorable) (C)

Plush Throw (C)

Picture Frame

Pocket Pals Duvet Cover (S) (Great for kids, or for Project Linus)

Ribbon Rose Heart Box

Bed Caddy (S) (Vary the fabric for men, women, kids and teens)

Carry Along Checker Game (S)